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Don’t you just hate paperwork!!! Contact me and I can put you out of your misery. 

I started Konsulthalin in 2000.  I can take care of all your  bookkeeping and accounting  needs.

I am a native English speaker so I can explain how the Swedish tax system works as well as taking care of all contacts with authorities.

I use an e-reporting solution. You can look at your bookkeeping and performance report via an app in your phone. It is in English.   Other solutions are possible such as invoicing amongst other applications, depending on your needs.  
I have experience in many different kinds of company structures.

It doesn’t make any difference which business enterprise you want to start or have, I can help you.

Sole trader
Trading partnership  HB
Limited Company  (Ltd) AB


Price Example

Consultant Ltd
18 000 kr
Current accounts up to 200 verifictions, above 200,  20 kr per verification.
Annual accounts
Annual report
Income tax return for Ltd. and K10 for the owner.
3 hours consultation by phone or in person.

Sole Trader
Max 10000 kr
Current accounts up to 200 verifictions, above 200,  20 kr per verification.
VAT reports ( where applicable)
Simplified annual accounts
Income tax return and special sole traders supplement